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Announcement: Dr. Harai has retired from Nagoya Mental Clinic. He will start a new clinic in Tokyo in the summar 2018.

For People Seeking for Psychiatric Help in English

What I can offer at Nagoya Mental Clinic?
Dr. Harai is a psychiatrist working in a mental hospital, speaking English.

I have thirteen years of experience in psychiatric practice.
Currently, I am the director of Nagoya Mental Clinic.
I spend four days a week at outpatient clinic for selected patients.
I can provide counseling and psychiatric management exclusively in English, although other hospital services like reception and in- hospital pharmacy are limited to Japanese language.
Short term admission is not available. The clinic is not equipped with residential treatment. Only basic psychiatric management is covered by Japanese National Health Insurance. Extended counseling service over 30 minutes for the initial visit, and over 10 minutes for the re-visitst are not covered by National Health Insurance. Some extra charges may apply for the language assistance.

Dr. Harai has a specialty in Adult Mood disorders,
Anxiety disorders, addiction and behavior therapy.

I am an approved behavior therapist of Japanese Association of Behavior T herapy. I authored numerous publications about depressive disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and social phobias.
Anxiety disorder responds particularly well to behavior therapy. Our OCD treatment program is well received by users and highly acclaimed by experts. I took over 400 new referrals in the last year. 70% of them are OCDs.
We have an array of psychotropic medication. However, Prozac is not available.

Waiting list

Currently the waiting list for the new referral is almost two months long.

Extra charge for non-Japanese speaking clients

As clients who prefer communication in English need extra time, the clinic charges extra other than charges defined by Japanese Health Insurance. The standard charge is 15,000 JPY plus sales tax for one visit.

How to make an appointment

For reservation, please call 052-453-5251 in Japanese. Please be advised that the receptionist understand only Japanese. As to the regular business hours please visit our web page.

Contact In formation

Nagoya Mental Clinic
Imon Nagoya Builiding 6F, Tsubaki-Cho Nakamura-Ku, Nagoya, Aichi JAPAN 453-0015
The builiding is located in the south side of JR Nagoya station.
E-mail address: メールアドレス
Web Address:
Phone: 052-453-5251
FAX: 052-453-6741

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